From Art To Artless

From Art To Artless

The journey from art to artless is that special thing. Acting is all about reaching the stage. It looks easy from the outside but that’s not the case. Many think talent will get them where they want to reach. Many think looks or good physique will get them there. But the truth which I have experienced is if you add both these qualities i.e. being presentable and hard working at the same time, you still need something very special. What special?

I would like to define the journey from art to artless as from self to selfless. When your work turns into things where you shatter the boundaries and break the illusion of ‘I’, you go beyond. Beyond means, there are no petty things there is no regression of past or worries of future. It’s only you in this moment who is working towards what is required. It’s not because you will get fat cheques or win an oscar someday but because this is a sacrifice, a worship in its own way.

The constant sacrifice is required. The sacrifice of ‘I’ which means submission. Once you give yourself completely to the work required you ‘might’ get something out of it. Hence do not keep the count or limit yourself to one thing. Submit yourself to everything that is required. Work on your body, voice, mind. Learn different techniques of acting. Go constantly for auditions not to get work but to submit yourself to character required. If you are not selected and you are sad due to it, means you are selfish.

When you become so selfless and submit yourself, submit your wants, your fears, your laziness, your ego and just do the work, there is a very good chance that god himself will have to come down for you.

And like a very great teacher I know always says-
Concentration is the key .

Hope this article helps you and gives all of you some guidance and inspiration.

Philosophical but true.

Actors Paathshaala

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