Gym Is Your Comfort Zone

Gym Is Your Comfort Zone

Gym is my comfort zone too. This guy in the pic, that’s me. Am I proud of my physique? No. Why? Because I was born ripped. I never really had to work hard to achieve this. Just a bit of stimulation to make the muscles grow bigger did the magic. I also believe that nowadays building a great physique is not something to be proud of. Everyone is doing it. Actors are getting transformed within weeks. Not just actors but anyone who wants to. It has become so easy and common. It’s not like old times when people had to work really hard and had to have the patience to build muscles. Those days are long gone. No one is doing it naturally nowadays. I don’t have much respect for well-built physiques anymore but there is something that I still have a lot of respect for. Skill sets. You can’t develop skills in a few weeks. For that, you need years of practice. There is no shortcut.

Building big muscles without developing skill sets is like owning big guns with no bullets in them. It’s useless. Bob Sapp, an MMA fighter, is a 6’5” 350 lbs giant made up of only muscles. Even Ronnie Coleman in his prime looked like a midget standing beside him. But he always gets his ass kicked. What’s the point of getting so big when you can’t even beat fighters half your size? The reason why he never wins is that he lacks skills. He is a big man. But he never learned how to use his size to his advantage.

The problem with today’s generation is that for them every day is gym day. Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone. Gym is your comfort zone. Get out of it and try new things. Challenge your body with new movements. Don’t ever shy away from learning new skills or a sport. Because of this approach towards training, I have learned different forms of martial arts, calisthenics, gymnastics, athletics, powerlifting, CrossFit. I’m still learning parkour and b-boying while maintaining a good physique. I don’t like hollow physiques. And when I say hollow, I mean a muscular man with no skills sets or talent whatsoever. Remember building muscles is easy but building a great physique with real skills, that’s when you’ll have to put some serious effort.

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