Every Loner Is A Potential Genius


If you are exceptionally good at something and you pretend to be humble, you’re not honest. If you’re honest, you’re arrogant. If you’re arrogant, you’re not likeable. If you’re likeable, you’re not special. If you’re special, you’re cocky. If you’re cocky, you don’t have many friends. If you don’t have many friends, you’re antisocial. If you’re antisocial, you have more time than social people to contemplate, practice, create and innovate. If you’re capable of creating and innovating original stuffs, you’re a genius.

Sheldon and House

Being socially awkward is a gift that you don’t realise initially. If you have it, embrace it. Social people and extroverts can get more likes on Facebook but it’s the loners who CREATE facebooks. That’s the difference. Extroverts buy expensive tickets for the world cups to watch the loners perform on the field/court. Extroverts spend an outrageous amount of money to be a part of the concert so as to watch/listen a loner play his guitar. If you’re a loner, probably you don’t get invited to parties or social gatherings. And when you do, you don’t show up. Chances are you’re not very popular among your peers or friends. They find you rude. But it doesn’t matter because eventually, you’re going to be the God that they will all worship.

Sherlock and John Nash

Intelligence demands solitude. You can either be social or a genius. Not both.

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