Superhuman Series Ep 7 : Fluidity of Taekwondo Kicks

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Everyone who has learned martial art knows how to kick but nobody does it like a taekwondo competitor. I believe every martial artist who wants their kicks to be as quick, agile and fluid like a taekwondo practitioner must learn and participate in taekwondo competitions. That’s the only way to learn and overcome hesitation. A taekwondo practitioner can kick from any angle or position, can move and kick simultaneously, and the best part is they can execute a successful kick even when the equilibrium of the body gets compromised while fighting. Even when they lose their balance and fall down, they deliver a successful kick before hitting the floor. They are the only martial artists I know who can counter-attack successfully with the kicks. No one can beat their timing, speed, precision and power when it comes to kicks. How to kick like a Taekwondoin?

  • Learn all the kicks that can be used in a fight
  • Learn all the steps (footwork) of taekwondo
  • Practice kicks with steps
  • Practice every offensive and defensive, attacking and counter-attacking moves in isolation
  • Practice combos

I have devised a system to improve the fluidity of my kicks. I have numbered the kicks that are used in a real fight and named the steps by assigning an alphabet to them. Let me first share the list.

Superhuman Series Ep 7 : Fluidity of Taekwondo Kicks

List of kicks that are used in a taekwondo or MMA competition

  1. Front-foot Axe Kick
  2. Back-foot Axe Kick
  3. Inward Crescent Kick
  4. Outward Crescent Kick
  5. Spinning Crescent Kick
  6. Front Groin Kick
  7. Front Face Kick
  8. Push Kick
  9. Front-foot Roundhouse Kick
  10. Back-foot Roundhouse Kick
  11. Back-foot Side Kick
  12. Front-foot Side Kick
  13. Back Kick
  14. Jump Back Kick
  15. Front-foot Hook Kick
  16. Back-foot Hook Kick
  17. Spinning Hook Kick
  18. Tornado/ 360 Kick
  19. Narae Chagi (Double Roundhouse Kick In The Air)

List of steps (footwork) used in taekwondo

  1. Simultaneous Advance Step
  2. Slide Forward Advance Step
  3. One-Step Advance Step
  4. Two-Step Advance Step
  5. Simultaneous Back Step
  6. Slide Back Step
  7. One-Step Back Step
  8. Two-Step Back Step
  9. Keeping off Step (front foot pivot)
  10. Keeping off Step (back foot pivot)
  11. Closing up Advance Step
  12. Closing up Back Step
  13. Spot Closing up Step
  14. Turnaround Step
  15. Shuffle Step
  16. Switch Step
  17. Bada Chagi (Switching step while moving back and roundhouse kicking simultaneously)

Now when I practise, I make combos using the following method. Let’s say, I’m gonna practise the combo 10 + E + 17 + 19 + F + G + 10 + 14. It means I’m gonna first hit a roundhouse kick with my back foot, take a simultaneous back step, counter-attack with a spinning hook kick, attack further with double roundhouse kick in the air, slide back to avoid my opponent’s kick, take one step back if he tries to hit me again and counter him with my back foot roundhouse kick and end the combo with a jumping back kick. You can make thousands of combos like this. This is what helps me to get fluid. Other martial artists usually are very clumsy with their kicks. Taekwondoins are super-smooth.

There are a few flashy kicks that are not used in real fights but only in demonstrations or movies. These kicks are to be avoided in a real fight at all cost.

  • Flying Kick
  • Jump Spinning Hook Kick (Van Damme’s signature kick)
  • Guyver Kick (Scott Adkins’ signature kick)
  • Jackknife
  • Split Kick
  • One-Step Advance-Step Jump Hook Kick
  • Triple Side Kick In The Air
  • 540, Cheat 720, 720, Cheat 900, 900, 1080 kicks

You always have the option to improvise and invent your own moves. Just make sure not to use any of these acrobatic kicks and tricking in a real fight. You’ll get knocked out in an instant.

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