Superhuman Series : Ep 1 – Martial Art Agility Training

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Why I made my martial art comeback after five years : In September 2014 I was hospitalised because of my herniated disc. The sciatic pain was killing me. I couldn’t sleep or sit or walk properly. It was extreme. I had become almost immobile. To alleviate the pain they injected steroids and everything. It did lessen the pain. But I lost a lot of muscles and strength during that period. And the saddest part was that I was officially prohibited from doing any rigorous physical activity forever. The only physical activity that I was allowed to do was walking. It felt like I had lost everything and there was no reason for me to live. I got discharged from the hospital on 29 September.

I just couldn’t accept it. I had lost my greatest asset – my fitness. For the last 3-4 years, I had been doing powerlifting training. I was lifting hell lot of weights with negligible stretching. However, I did not suffer herniated disc because of lifting too heavy. It happened because of a road accident. Lifting too heavy just acted as a catalyst. When I got a little better, I made a self-destructive decision. I resumed my martial arts training after a gap of five years. The plan was to destroy myself completely. Surprisingly, I started getting better. And after two months on 11 December 2014, I made this video clip not because I wanted to prove anything to anyone. But because I wanted to win. I had been in pain for a very long time. I still am. But I had to beat my problems. I had to win. I trained. I trained hard once again. I worked on my coordination, flexibility, agility, reaction time, footwork, speed, and power. I came back to win. The fight is still on.

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